mardi 17 avril 2012

The Man Behind The Glasses K.Lagerfeld

Today we're gonna talk about one of our favourites designers , our inspiration THE one and only KARL LAGERFELD.

 « Il est indispensable et naturel de ne pas être comme les autres. »(It's indispenseble and naturel to be diffrent)
His totally right ! You have to embrace style...make it your own, be UNIQUE!!!

« La mode n'est ni morale, ni amorale, mais elle est faite pour remonter le moral. »(Fashion it's not moral or immoral but it's made to ascend the moral)
Last week i was so depressed so my mother had this idea to go and chek out the stores so she dragged me out of my bed and we went at Zara , Bershka and others. It was like magic...i was so happy after seeing just one top, touch it ,feel it :D OH! What would i be without fashion?!.:)

 « Je déteste avoir des conversations intellectuelles, seule ma propre opinion m'intéresse. »(I hate having an intellectual conversation ,I'm interested only in my opinion )

Be confident in your self ! 

See you next time !XOXO Mara&Marie

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