mardi 17 avril 2012

The Man Behind The Glasses K.Lagerfeld

Today we're gonna talk about one of our favourites designers , our inspiration THE one and only KARL LAGERFELD.

 « Il est indispensable et naturel de ne pas être comme les autres. »(It's indispenseble and naturel to be diffrent)
His totally right ! You have to embrace style...make it your own, be UNIQUE!!!

« La mode n'est ni morale, ni amorale, mais elle est faite pour remonter le moral. »(Fashion it's not moral or immoral but it's made to ascend the moral)
Last week i was so depressed so my mother had this idea to go and chek out the stores so she dragged me out of my bed and we went at Zara , Bershka and others. It was like magic...i was so happy after seeing just one top, touch it ,feel it :D OH! What would i be without fashion?!.:)

 « Je déteste avoir des conversations intellectuelles, seule ma propre opinion m'intéresse. »(I hate having an intellectual conversation ,I'm interested only in my opinion )

Be confident in your self ! 

See you next time !XOXO Mara&Marie


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xoxo Mara & Marie

dimanche 1 avril 2012

 10 MUST HAVES for the season SUMMER-SPRING

                                                       1.American flag shorts

2.Flower printed skirts

3.Wedge heels sandals

                                                                   Steve Madden
                                                                  Jimmy Choo
Steve Madden

4.Lace dresses

5.Folk accessorises

6.Fluid Top

7.Denim shirt

8.Boyfriend jeans

9.Frange Top



Hope you like it!:)